Project Description

VOYAGE project has developed a new self-sustainable tourism product – entrepreneurial travel, which consists of theoretical and practical activities for young people interested in tourism industry.

During the theoretical training of entrepreneurial travel the participants are introduced to leadership, decision-making, team-work, communication theories as well as self-sustainable development schemes and promotion strategies. During this course, hey are also visiting successful companies of tourism value chain.

During the practical training participants get familiar with specific features of Mediterranean Sea, visit naval touristic sites and participate in sailing simulations and later in actual sailing of transnational itineraries in Mediterranean Sea.

Objectives of the project

  • Minimum of 60 participants selected in the program
  • Two weeks courses of theoretical and practical assignments
  • 2 tracks mobility scheme sailing in Mediterranean sea
  • Develop new self sustainable tourism product – entrepreneurial travel
  • Help to develop new ideas that could be turned into successful business
  • Carefully plan and prepare new entrepreneurs for successful implementation of their business
  • Visits to successful companies of tourism value chain

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