Top Kinisis Travel Public Ltd

Established in 1987, Top Kinisis Travel Public Ltd is one of the most popular Travel and Tourism organizations in Cyprus providing a complete range of travel and tourism services. Having ten branch offices in Cyprus and Athens and 80 qualified staff members, it has a remarkable background including successful acquisitions, mergers, awards and accreditations.

Top Kinisis Conferences & Events

Top Kinisis specializes in Conference Management since 1990. Having handled some of the largest and most prestigious conferences that ever took place in Cyprus, it is today considered one of the leading Professional Conference Organizers in Cyprus.

Organizing greener conferences and events is a top priority. By applying simple practices, the organization manages to reduce the environmental footprint of its conferences and events.  The Organization is certified and applies the quality management system ISO 9001 Standard for the scope ‘Conferences and Other Events’.

The success of the hundreds of conferences we have handled over the past years with the participation of thousands of attendees from all over the world, is a result of our extensive experience, professionalism and capability to undertake the management of any event however demanding or complicated it may be. Hosting a conference is a great honor for the organizer. It is also a great responsibility, which carries many risks that need to be addressed and dealt with professionalism and efficiency. Top Kinisis, being a public organization with annual turnovers of over €25 million, several supporting departments under one umbrella, exceptionally well-trained staff and top mark technology, offers the help and sense of security that any organizer requires.

With a vast international network of partners and an experienced conference team, Top Kinisis can also provide conference management services in any country in the world in the same efficient manner.

Our Mission is to help our customers produce great conferences while having an enjoyable experience.

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